It’s our mantra here at WILL and please find below 5 reasons why you might want to adopt this for your next creative campaign.

1) Hello?


89% of advertising goes unnoticed, so of the £20bn that was spent on advertising in the UK in 2015, nearly £18bn went down the plughole.

Tell that to the board if they think the work should be safer.

2) Brave

With the above in mind being brave is not an option, it’s a must.

3) Attention is not sector specific

You are not competing with brands in your sector, you are competing with every other brand in the ad break / magazine / social channel.

Think of it like this and it will force you to raise the creative bar for good.

4) Set the tone

If the board need to sign off the campaign then before you start writing the brief think about discussing the above with them so that everyone sets out on the same path, we don’t want anyone gasping for air when they see a big head turning idea.

5) ROI

Ideas That Turn Heads have been proven time and time again, by us and other good creative agencies, to deliver better ROI.

Playing it safe is dangerous for your bottom line and job satisfaction.

By Creative Agency WILL